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Terry Jervis – Producer/Director/Creative & Business Management
Terry Jervis is recognised in as an innovative writer, television producer and director. His background in all forms of modern media communications is extensive; ranging from radio and print, multi-media, internet, mobile phone content and digital platforms. Terry entered a partnership with the Royal Air Force Museum which was instrumental in setting up and launching the Royal Air Force merchandising programme, sanctioned by the Secretary of State for Defence.

This background of pushing the barrier of entertainment comes from his track record in major live international broadcast TV events, and as a record producer. Although Terry's career started in broadcast journalism, he is now a main provider of entertainment and content programming across music, comedy, children's shows, documentary television and business development with non-broadcast institutions which require a new perspective of profit with purpose (JEM’s business philosophy to sustainability and commercial growth).

Terry is also the Chief Executive Officer of Trace UK World Ltd., a subsidiary of the highly successful global television and media brand TRACE (Trace Urban, Trace Tropical and Trace Sports) which is rated as the number one youth entertainment channel in many parts of the world.
Marvel International (comic books, animation, films) signed a license agreement with JEM in 2009 to support JEM’s H.E.R.O. Factor social engagement programme, using characters such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men, to name just a few, to help create comics and integrated media which help address social issues and instil values in young people. Marvel has in the past used the heroic values of these characters to help young people overcome many of the social issues of the day such as bullying, the dangers of the internet, and drug and alcohol abuse. JEM also works with BBC Worldwide, Titan Magazines and Merchandising and to continue the programme within schools and colleges.

Terry is very supportive of charities such as Children in Need and businesses which help improve the quality of life and instil values and a sense of purpose for young people.


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