Current Projects

Luster Products Inc. & JEM  

JEM and Luster Products Inc. are collaborating to bring fresh ideas to the hair and beauty business. Going back to origin of beauty with Spirit of the Pharaoh.

Picture: Reginald Maynor (Director of International Luster Products Inc.) & Terry Jervis (CEO JEM Ltd)


The graphic novel is a story board straight from the pages of the Hollywood script. The story was written by Terry Jervis. The first draft movie outline was written by Stan Berkowitz (well known for his DC and Marvel animated movies and TV series such as Superman and Batman, Spider-Man, Justice League, Wonder Woman and many more). The graphic novel script was then adapted by Simon Furman (of Marvel and Transformers fame) and Terry Jervis. For more information see

Luster Products Inc. is an African-American owned family business which has been going for 63 years. They heavily supported films like Marvel's Black Panther through buying up cinema seats and getting celebrities to do the same to help make the film a huge success. So, the Spirit of the Pharaoh project was a natural progression and puts them in the heart of production and getting the benefits through product recognition and sales.

Picture: Tama Ra Soiree Luster Products event really captured the imagination of the audience right from the entrance door

Reginald Maynor, Luster Products Inc. Director of International, met with Terry Jervis (JEM Ltd.) at the Afro-Hair & Beauty Show in London and both saw an avenue to create hope, raise aspirations and take the book and film into the hair and beauty business. Can you imagine a photo-shoot or film set without hair and make-up? Neither could we, so we are collaborating to help make this an exciting adventure and access for all who buy Luster products and want to get involved in the media.

Luster Products is looking to develop a range of products inspired by Spirit of the Pharaoh and ancient Egypt.






The aim is to encourage new hair styling, pay tribute to ancient Egypt and encourage reading and literacy, a chance to cast for audio-drama, and later movie and live theatre auditions. The announcement was made at the Tama Ra Soiree (run by Hazel and Winston Jordan)  You can find more pictures on DDPR Instagram (@dianadahliapr) or  

The audience and Luster distributors got a rare chance to see the jewellery made by Gladman & Norman and Royal Warrant holder Worcestershire Medal Service Limited, medallist to Her Majesty the Queen



Picture: Hazel Jordan (centre) owner of the Tama Ra Soiree joins the rare display of jewellery made for the movie