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Having worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for over 25 years, Terry left and set up his independent company Jervis Entertainment Media Limited (JEM Ltd).

Terry was also one of the Executive Producers on the BBC/ WGBH 2000 TODAY MILLENNIUM DAY BROADCAST (in the US, his broadcast partners ABC TV with Peter Jennings made it the most watched programme in US history). At over 2.5 billion viewers, the biggest live television & radio broadcast in world history involving over 70 different countries, crossing religious and cultural boundaries. His ground breaking show BEHIND THE BEAT (BBC 1 & 2) at its peak attracted 11 million viewers and changed the face of music programming. The series had a huge impact on the record industry heralding the age of multi-media entertainment including video games and audience engagement. OUR COMMON FUTURE, an international BBC/CBS co-production attracted 300 million viewers and was the first global environmental entertainment show looking at the state of our planet.

After forming JEM Ltd., his new company soon concluded the world exclusive family story with female tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, and the relationship with their father Richard. This show received critical acclaim and was selected by the press as the highlight show of the week for UK television. It is now being sold internationally on TV, DVD and on a number of major airlines.

Raising Tennis Aces - The Williams Story



Two of Terry's most memorable highlight live events was the 2000 Today Millennium Broadcast (which brought the world together) and the 'healing of our nation' when he became the Executive Producer for the 2007 Westminster Abbey memorial service to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade for BBC 1 television. This event was attended by Her Majesty the Queen, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and world leaders. Using media for a greater sense of purpose is always at Terry’s heart when it comes to his career and business choices. Terry has also served on an advisory board for Buckingham Palace and companies strategic thinking companies such as Box (based at the London School of Economics) with clients such as Royal Dutch Shell, BT, ARUP Engineering & Construction, LEGO and more…

Producer & director selected credit list: Top Gear (BBC), Batman: The Making of…(BBC/Warner Bros.), Star Trek World Tour (Paramount/JEM/Titan), BBC Radio 1, Stevie Wonder (BBC), Pavarotti 30th Anniversary (BBC), Will Smith: Profile / Fresh Prince of Bel Air (BBC/ Quincy Jones David Salzman Entertainment), Smash Hits Awards (BBC), Top of the Pops Specials (BBC), The Real McCoy (BBC), Big Breakfast (Channel 4), Sky 1 to 3 (Sky), Michael Jackson Tours (BBC/Sony/Epic), Queen: Freddie Mercury Tribute (BBC), Def Jam Records Tour (BBC/Def Jam), Motown Specials, Documentary Specials (BBC History & Science), Natalie Cole Jazz Special (BBC), Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story (Channel 4), History of Soul Music with Quincy Jones (BBC), Ebony (current affairs & entertainment magazine programme -BBC),

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