Terry Jervis – Biography

Terry Jervis is a business and media entrepreneur. He started his career as a journalist and researcher. He then joined the BBC and went on to become a renowned radio, television and film producer and director. His background in all forms of modern media communications is extensive; ranging from traditional media (including print), to digital media - Internet, video games and mobile content.


Terry started in broadcast journalism with a fledgling Channel 4 and then joined the BBC in news, features and current affairs. He later went on to run his own department within the BBC (at 27) supported by his mentor Colin Adams who was then the Head of Network Radio and Television. Terry juggled between radio and the television services making programmes for Radio 1, Radio 4 and the World Service, as well as BBC1 & 2 for television.


Terry brokered and produced many international deals (primarily with the USA) helping to promote and launch DEF Jam records and with the legendary Motown label and its roster of classic singers such as Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and Diana Ross. Through his TV hits and viewing figures Terry met with Berry Gordy via the Chairman of Motown (and his mentor in the USA) Clarence Avant (known in Hollywood as the Godfather of entertainment) and was given his own label 'Down to Jam' with the company – the first British person ever to do so - and helped to launch acts like Boyz ll Men, who went on to sell over 67 million records).  Terry has also worked with the Pavarotti and opera spectaculars, the Rolling Stones, Natalie Cole, Quincy Jones, Elton John, Queen, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bob Geldof, Richard Branson and Virgin Group (to name but a few).


Picture: Stevie Wonder TV special      Picture: Terry and Mick Jagger

His live shows such as 2000 Today – Millennium Broadcast and Our Common Future were global live event spectacular television (with these and his other shows, such as Smash Hits Awards, Top of the Pops and Radio 1 specials, have had a combined audience of well over 3.8 billion people).



Picture: On the set of Top Gear


Apart from documentaries and music, he has also directed and written comedy shows (such as The Real McCoy and Get It On) and lifestyle programmes (such as Sky 1 to 3 – launching Sky's afternoon schedules) and was also responsible for helping to revamp the Top Gear car show franchise (as producer/director), as well as launching Jeremy Clarkson's motoring celebrity status in Clarkson's Star Cars. Terry was also controlling part of the BBC 2 schedules under DEFll (alongside Janet Street-Porter) with popular shows such as Behind the Beat, Dance Energy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Rough Guides and many more. Terry went on to produce and direct many other TV specials, including for Channel 4 (The Big Breakfast) and ITV (Hotel Babylon), as well as an animated adventure (Spirit of the Pharaoh) and children's show (Tropical Island).

Picture: Terry, Clarence Avant, Oprah and Quincy Jones

 Terry has over 35 years of experience in the media and business. He successfully won the exclusive rights to make the film Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story – about the life of iconic sport celebrities Richard, Venus and Serena Williams, which led to Terry licensing it to the Oprah Winfrey show and finally meeting with Oprah. Following this he also secured the rights to make the official film for the Royal Air Force's aerobatic display team: The Red Arrows. Terry also successfully negotiated the rights to become the official Licensing Agent to office of the Secretary of State for the Royal Air Force and brought in other strategic partners (such as 4Kids and the RAF Museum) to create a unique programme of merchandising and communications activity.



Pictures: Quincy and his god-daughter Grammy winner Patti Austin


Terry has helped launch (and re-launch) many new and cult brands across TV and merchandising for broadcasters, from sci-fi adventure puppet series Thunderbirds and various projects with Sony, Warner's, Universal and BBC Worldwide. He even produced a record for his music label with Thunderbirds co-creator (and then head of HBO international) Sylvia Anderson (the voice of Lady Penelope) and David Graham (the voice of Parker).



Picture: Sylvia Anderson co-creator of Thunderbirds and friend Terry Jervis


Picture: Thunderbirds characters

Picture: RAF Navigator and famous singer and actor Cy Grant and his puppet character from TV show Captain Scarlet



Terry continued to work with legendary producer Quincy Jones and his company QDE – famous for the Vibe Magazine TV show and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith made his first UK TV appearances with Terry). He counts his meeting with Oscar and Grammy award winning screen legends Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte (the world's first million selling album artist & civil rights campaigner) amongst his favourite Hollywood moments. Terry then went to work with Paramount and helped develop the Star Trek World Tour, and even assisted electronics giant Philips with the world's first home CD/VCD entertainment centre (Philips CDi) and Sony with the launch of the famous Sony Playstation games console. He has advised many companies and been part of business facilitation groups to LEGO, Shell, Lloyds Bank, Bae Systems, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, Hatton's of London on Concorde commermoratives and many other industries.


Picture: Terry Jervis on flight deck of Concorde



Terry has sat on sub-committees for the London Organising Committee for the Olympic & Para-Olympic Games and the UK Government Department for Media, Culture and Sport. He has also been an advisor to Buckingham Palace. He formed a jewellery business with Phil McDermott to have the limited edition sets made by Royal Warrant holder Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd – Medallist to Her Majesty The Queen.


In 2014 Terry was contacted by the UK Government's Digital Catapult agency to help development on their new business, Internet, mobile and media strategy in the digital space and their new building in central London. Terry acted as a consultant to development of new strategy to help UK businesses compete, unlock potential and accelerate their growth in the global market and bring in new sponsorship and business partners to assist with events and showcases. He continues to assist and advise in this area.


For over 10 years (alongside his other businesses) Terry worked with the Trace Media Group, based in France (Paris), and successfully helped to launch Trace UK World Limited (based in London) in 2010. As the company CEO and then co-Chairman (along with Olivier Laouchez the co-founder of TRACE TV) he helped negotiate the launch of Trace Sports on British Sky Broadcasting satellite platform and signed exclusive deals with footballers such as Rio Ferdinand to make his #5 digital magazine become a TV series for Sky Sport and supply content for Sky F1 (Formula 1) channel as part of the Trace deal. Trace has a number of youth channels: Trace Sports, Trace Urban, Trace Tropical, Trace Africa and now movies and TV with Trace Play.


Picture: There at the beginning Terry Jervis (former co-Chairman) and Olivier Laouchez co-founder and Executive Chairman of Trace


Terry sponsored and helped to create the Pilots of the Caribbean exhibition with the Royal Air Force Museum. He is contracted to generate new commercial activity for the Royal Air Force Association charity. He has worked on projects and development with Disney/Marvel comics/Lucas Film, The London Mint Office, The Bradford Exchange and with Pottermore and the Neil Blair Partnership (JK Rowling's management company – author of the bestselling Harry Potter books and film franchise). Terry is still active in other areas of TV and film and media studios. He recently appeared in Lenny Henry's Race Through Comedy TV series as a major contributor and for his part in history with his comedy shows and expertise.

Picture: Red Arrows display team in front of STARRSHIP mobile exhibition at Royal International Air Tattoo – airshow


One of Terry's  unique challenges was to commemorate, celebrate and inspire through the 100th anniversay of the formation of the Royal Air Force. He did this by coming up with an idea to inspire young people into science, technology and maths (known in education circles as STEM).

Terry approached Rolls-Royce and for the first in its 112 year history. He encouraged the famous engineering and aerospace company (more popularly known for its cars and aircraft engines) to help him build a 'StaRRship' (spaceship) for a mission to Mars. The idea is known as a 'creative solutions' initiative and helped Rolls-Royce and the RAF attract a new audience and support. The project involved spacecraft design for next generation spacecraft & propulsion system.


There is more to come and the legacy of the project will also look at how we look after Earth and its precious resources and climate, look at deep space resources (mine for resources on other planets, comets and asteroids), as well as clear dangerous space debris around Earth orbit.


Currently Terry has released his books (novel and graphic novel) of Spirit of the Pharaoh which is in development for a feature length animated and live action film, followed by a TV series in co-production with M2 Entertainment (animation studio for LEGO and Warner's). His publishing is with Titan books (Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Disney, etc.), and he recently signed a sponsorship deal with American hair & beauty brand Luster Products Inc., to create products based around the theme of ancient Egyptian beauty.