In 2000 the Royal Air Force sought Terry's expertise to help promote and increase their international and public UK profile. Terry then created the business model for launching a merchandising business around the RAF intellectual property rights and signed 4 Kids International (because of their experience with licensed brands like Pokemon, Ninendo and Microsoft). In 2004 JEM and the Royal Air Force Museum launched the official licensing and merchandising programme along with aspects of TV and film related entertainment - such as the Red Arrows 40th Anniversary DVD with production company Impact Image and Contender Home Video. The new merchandising programme is now being run directly through the Royal Air Force's publicity department and IMG. Terry continues to develop new projects with the Royal Air Force Museum.

Terry continues to work with IMG through a co-production agreement with Trace to produce television programmes for Trace Sports.

Terry has many other interests outside of the media with a number of social causes. He is recognised for his progressive thinking and leadership qualities; consulting with community groups, social entrepreneurs and businesses. Terry has also served on the UK government’s Media, Sport & Culture Advisory Committee and commits time to schools and colleges to help inspire young people.

Jervis Entertainment Media is currently working with the Royal Air Force Museum on developing new projects for education and commercial licensing.

The Royal Air Force and the Royal Air Force Museum entered into a joint arrangement with Jervis Entertainment Media to develop ways of communicating with a new generation. The idea behind the joint approach is to build on the RAF brand and communications themes, and introduce the force into the commercial marketplace, creating a line of officially sanctioned, trade-marked RAF products. Without a presence in the marketplace, the RAF cannot combat unofficial, unlicensed goods. These range from toys and computer games to collectibles. Now, with the introduction of our range of quality, licensed products, the public can be sure of purchasing goods with historical authenticity, while there will also be material and products to help stimulate children's interests. The current programme is now running directly through the RAF's publicity department. Terry continues to work with the Royal Air Force Museum on new projects.





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