This year has been busy with the development of our new script to screen project

Spirit of the Pharaoh is an action adventure story about a wealthy industrial and technology billionaire (Lord Welton) who wants the secret to the afterlife (to live forever and dominate the planet) and will do anything to gain the power conatained in a lost tomb. Set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt and modern London, it involves a romance across time where two young people take on the powers of an ancient king and queen – they are then faced with a climatic battle against Seth the god of chaos and his alliance with the tech-drones and forces of Lord Welton to free every soul on earth.

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Following the launch of the paperback and graphic novel at the British Film Institute, JEM is building the Spirit of the Pharaoh brand with a series of targeted pop-up shop sales opportunities and appeareances at comic-cons. This year we also launched at the flagship entertainment store Forbidden Planet in central London.


Picture: Gold carpet signing of books at Blue Room – British Film Institute


Picture: Live theatre show cast for stage reading from the graphic novel


Picture: Archaelogist Sian Mathias enjoys the Egyptomania on the night


Picture: Pop-up sales at the British Film Institute


Picture: Spirit of the Pharaoh showcase


Picture: Comic-con stand with jewellery made for the movie on display



Picture: Sales team at comic-con

Pictures: Spirit of the Pharaoh cos-play – along with some other well known characters


Picture: Creator Terry Jervis and artist Chris Geary at Forbidden Planet



Picture: DDPR team (Steven and Diana) with Terry in the centre