Welcome to Spirit of the Pharaoh, a fantasy adventure where magic meets technology in the ultimate battle between good and evil!

The story so far...
A battle is taking place between non-Earthly forces, a classic encounter between good and evil. Magic and mayhem!

Over 3,500 years ago young Ra'Mun was proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt and given power of the Magical Ankh he successfully united this great empire, returning it to its full glory. Seth - The God of Chaos, was banished to the Netherworld by Ra'Mun's father Shabaka, after his attempts to destroy Egypt. Seth now seeks revenge. On the anniversary of Ra'Mun's wedding to the beautiful Neferkari, Seth cunningly traps the young king in the Netherworld and scatters the Book of Spells across the winds of time to prevent the Pharaoh entering the sacred land of the After-Life which would upset Seth's plan to dominate the heavens and the Earth

Lord Welton of Wel-Tec Global Inc. (a wealthy aristocratic industrialist) sends adventurer and archaeologist Dr. Kirk Blazer on a mission to find The Lost Tomb of Ra'Mun. Unbeknown to Dr. Blazer, the evil Lord Welton wants to find the Magical Ankh in a bid to gain power and the ability to live forever!

Once the tomb found and opened, the spirit of Ra'Mun escapes the Netherworld and travels across time to share the body of Raymond Randle, a young pop star in the Pharaoh's own image. The green cape which has hidden Albie, Ra'Mun's pet baboon and faithful guide for over 3000 years slithers from the open casket and returns to his master with the help of Dr. Blazer. Albie returns the Magical Ankh to his master's alter ego Raymond. For when the words "Spirit of the Pharaoh" are said, Raymond transforms in to Ra'Mun. Joining the adventure is Marie Nicholls, Raymond's girlfriend, who is give the Eye of Horus amulet, and when transformed to the beautiful Neferkari is endowed with great speed and the power of insight. Her special magical powers help them locate the lost pages of the Book of Spells fromaround the worldwhich will enable Ra'Mun to defeat Seth forever and enter the After-Life.

But can our heroes complete their quest or will they fall victim to the technological wonder and greed of Lord Welton? Or, will the wrath of Seth engulf the Earth in eternal darkness in a bid to take revenge on Ra'Mun -
The Spirit of the Pharaoh?

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